Hot Air Balloon Race

The South’s oldest balloon event and the United States’ only long distance hot air balloon race will begin (weather permitting) with a mass ascension of 30 bright and colorful hot air balloons, in North Georgia’s Alpine Village – Helen. Race competitors and local flyers will take to the sky at 7:00 am, Thursday, June 5, 2015. If the weather conditions are too windy or storms are forecast, the take off will be postponed until conditions are acceptable.

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Hot Air Balloon Race

Hot Air Balloon Race is a race where both the pilot’s and crew’s skills are challenged.  A balloon can only go the same speed and direction as the wind.  The pilot must find the altitude which gives him/her the best speed as well as direction towards the finish line.  The race becomes a crew event as well, since the balloons are limited to 40 gallons of fuel (propane).  Forty gallons is approximately enough fuel to last 4 hours, so the balloons have to land for refueling.  If the crew is not there immediately with fresh tanks, valuable time is lost while the pilot and crew try to find each other. Helendorf River Inn, Suites & Conference Center is the place to stay for Hot Air Balloon Race in Helen.

You can find more information about this incredible event here.

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