Obituaries White County Georgia

Local White County Obituaries

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Obituaries White County Georgia

Obituaries White County Georgia

John (Jack) Johnston, age 82 of Sautee Nacoochee

Paul Thomas Cantrell Sr., age 90, of Sautee

Joseph Thomas,  age 71 of Cleveland

Virginia Mildred Westmoreland, age 75 of Cleveland

Keith Henry, age 61 of Sautee

Thelma Frances Abernathy Palmer, age 96 of Cleveland

Mrs. Marilyn Patricia Wallace Norton, age 66 of Clermont

Ms. Edna Mae Pruitt, age 88 of Cleveland

Mr. Gordon Bryan ‘Chop” Wood, age 56 of Dahlonega

Vaughn James Garrett, age 78 of Cleveland

Barbara Lisa Ledford Reinshagen, age 57 of Cleveland

Paul Ricky Simpson, age 55 of Cleveland

Willa Kay Conard, age 87 of Cleveland

Brian Keith Rich, age 39 of Acworth

Mrs. Billie Earlleen Reese, age 63 of Cornelia

Sylvia Joan Fleming, age 59 of Cleveland

Joanne O’Neal Hibble, age 85,  of Cleveland

Mrs. Dorothy Hooper Thomas, age 87 of Maryville TN

John Palmour, age 76 of Cleveland

Trina LeAnn Alexander Almand, age 44, of Clarkesville

Regine Hay, age 68 of Cleveland

Frances Thompson, age 77 of Cleveland

Allen “Gene” Saxon, age 70 of Cleveland

Mrs,. Barbara Jane Quinlan, age 85 of Cleveland

John H. Allen, age 85 of Cleveland

Floyd Herman Adams, age 64 of Cleveland

Taylor Scott Swing, age 18 of Cleveland

Mrs. Betty Sue Nix, age 82 of Cleveland

Ramona M. Miller, age 82 of Clermont.

Mr. Berman Stovall, age 86 of Cleveland

LaWayne Satterfield, 72, of Cleveland

Mr. Hubert Daniel Wade, age 92, of Cleveland

Jerry Wheeler, age 75 of East Point,

Jack Michael Hodges, age 67, of Cleveland

Mrs. Lois Smith Barnes Campbell, 86, Cleveland

Mr. Jacob (Jack) Simon Bosma, age 87, of Cleveland

Kimberly Elaine Marlowe age 18 of Gainesville.

Mr. William Frank Smith age 61 of Cleveland

Carl Lester Stringer, age 75 of Murrayville

Elizabeth Ruth Moore, age 72 of Cleveland

Jacob Matthew Hester, age 15, of Dahlonega

Nancy Christine McCollum, age 97, of Sautee

Mr. Kenneth Maurice McEnaney, age 74 of Cleveland

Mr. Jack Shannon Harmon (84) of Sky Lake Community in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA

Herbert H. Turner, age 85 of Dahlonega

Narve Franklin Dyer, age 64 of Cleveland

Mr. William Earl Lovell, age 77 of Cleveland

Mrs. Connie Faye Rowley, age 59 of Cleveland

Rev. Robert Craig Carter, age 47 of Clarkesville.

Vera Westmoreland Wooten, age 88, of Gainesville formerly of Cleveland

Mr. Jordan Ray Davis, age 93, of Lula

Mr. Michael Lee Nook  Thompson, age 64 of Helen.

Lynda Crane Hester, age 66 of Cleveland

Tammy Elliott Cain, age 48 of Savannah formerly of Cleveland

Edith “Edye” Bannister Schlandt, age 54

Huel McKinley (Mack) O’Kelley, Jr., age 79, of Helen

Mrs. Mary Evon Paschal, age 87 of Cleveland

Mr. Wesley Mitson Bovill, age 87 of Cleveland

Vicki Lynn Davis, age 62 of Cleveland,

Donald Williams Lacy, age 84 of Cleveland

James Thomas “Sonny” Helton, age 76 of Clermont

Brigadier General Russell “Russ” Weiskircher(US Army Retired), age 90 of Cleveland

Mr. Curtis Odell Savage of Westminister, 82

Mr. William Billy Hester, age 86 of Dahlonega,

George Leroy Black, age 69 of Cleveland

Ronnie Lee Huckeba, age 64 of Clarkesville

David Junior Timms, age 67 of Commerce

Donald Williams Lacy, age 84 of Cleveland

William (Bill) Terrell Glass, age 83, of Cleveland

Elsie Beth Jackson, age 83 of Cleveland

Ellene Fain Sisk, age 91 of Clarkesville

William “Bill” Marshall, Age 72 of Cleveland

Larry Ronald “Doc”Adams, age 74 of Cleveland

Ms. Virginia Montgomery, age 83 of Sautee.

Darrell Dwight England, age 18 of Cleveland

Mr. Marvin Jay Walden age 62 of Clarkesville

Ewell Kanady, age 85 of Cleveland

Bobby Cooper age 85 of Cleveland

Mr. Geneal Thomas Freeman, age 78 of Cleveland

Conley Hefner, age 92 of Raleigh, NC formerly of Cleveland, GA

Lloyd Langston Summer, Jr., age 91 of Sautee Nacoochee

Wayne Norton Loggins, age 64 of Cleveland

Corbett McKinley Baker, age 81 of Cleveland

Mr. Paul Franklin London, age 76 of Cleveland

Ivalee Holcomb, age 85 of Cleveland

Charles Estes Holliday, age 81 of Sautee

Lester Charles Allison, Jr., age 85 of Cleveland

Mrs Ruby Avaline Sims Allen, age 85 of Cleveland

Bill McConely Robinson, age 84 of Dahlonega

Joan Tackett Riley,  age 86 of Sautee

Emaline Roberts Eades, age 86 of Carnesville

Mrs. Joann Brewington Cash, age 68 of Sautee.

Mrs. Virginia Terry Chambers, age 61 of Cleveland

 Mrs. Mildred Lee Reynolds, age 88 of Cleveland

Mary Lou Black Dalton, age 91, of Cornelia

Mr. Harlen Jarrard, age 74, of Cleveland

Preston D. Wright, age 66 of Gainesville

Mrs. Betty Jean Keith, age 81 of Clermont.

Nancy Jean Brittain, age 76 of Helen

Eloise Kanady, age 83 of Cleveland

Mr. Elbert Byron Hall, age 92 of Clermont

Thomas Duggan Harrison Jr., age 72 of Cleveland

Danny Luther Ellis, age 66 of Cleveland

Mrs. Darlene Crystal Hatfield, age 52 of Cleveland

Mrs. Bedeliah Clark Presnell, age 63 of Cleveland

Kailynn Elizabeth Mae’ infant daughter of Courtney Dawn Gable

Mrs. Imogene Humphries, age 78 of Dawsonville

Mrs. Ruby Lee Pharris, age 92

Vondell Emile Caudell, age 90 of Helen.

Mrs. Shirley Black McDonald, age 81, of Cleveland

Jack Phillip Nix, 93, of Atlanta and Cleveland

Jackie Jean Nelms, age 74, of Cleveland

Willie Mildred Boswell, age 90 of Cleveland

Mrs. Carrie Lou Rogers, age 92 of Cleveland.

Mr. Bobby David ‘Goatman”Sumner, age 75 of Cleveland

Mr. Charles Robert Headley, age 71 of Sautee

Ernest Lee Jenkins, Sr., age 63 of Dahlonega

Mr. Donald Talmadge Alexander, age 80 of Cleveland

Mr. Ronald “Ronnie” Freeman, age 60, of Cleveland

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Abernathy, age 72, of Cleveland

Mr. Donald Ray Lawson, age 70 of Cleveland

Mrs.Barbara Sue Payne, age 64 of Murrayville

Shirley Herbert, age 91 of Murrayville

Annie “Ruth” Evans, age 69 of Cleveland

Friedrich Christian Heinrich Hammersen, age 76 of Helen

Mary Frances Walker, age 54 of Lula

Thelma Gay, age 94 of Cleveland

Mr. Charles Reinald Miller, age 49 of Cleveland

Robert Ernest Irish, age 92, of Cleveland

Mrs. Dorothy “Dot” Rogers, age 84 of Cleveland

James Eligh Littleton, age 72 of Cleveland.

Christine Evelyn Brown, age 93 of Cleveland.

 Mr. Paul Mitchell Kinsey, age 55 of Cleveland

Mr. Riley Wayne McGuire, age 73 of Cleveland.

Mrs. Marjorie Ann Long, age 85 of Cleveland

Scott G. Stephens, age 46 of Gillsville

Neal Edward Pruitt, age 72 of Cleveland

William Robert Foster, age 72 of Cleveland

Miriam G. Lovell age 71, of Cleveland

Ellene Ballew, age 61, of Clermont

Hannah Nicolson Gabrels, age 22 of Clarkesville

Mrs. Vergie Mae Palmer age 87 of Cleveland

Mrs. Polly A Cantrell age 84 of Sautee

Mrs. Deanna Kay Kastner, age 53 of Cleveland

Mr. David Winston Lusk, age 53 of Cleveland.

Mr. Jackie Deelawrence Morgan Sr. age 58 of Cleveland

Richard Myers, age 82 of Cleveland

Jerald B. Freeman, age 47 of Cornelia

Charles Edmond Rogers, age 73 of Cleveland

William Harry Higgins III, age 57 of Cleveland

Mr. David Lawrence Pollack, age 80 of Sautee Nacoochee

Lester Bill Richardson, age 73 of Sautee

Theodore “Teddy” Bryan Allen age 58 of Cleveland

Eddie Merle Loggins age 61 of Phoenix, Az formerly of Cleveland

Jessica R. Smith, age 41 of Sautee

Sarah Annie Bell Blackwell Warwick  Cleveland, age 70 of Gainesville, formerly of Cleveland

Mrs. Jennifer Carol Kaltenbach, age 62 of Cleveland

Dorothy Lee Smith, age 87 of Cleveland

 Edna Burke Hodd age 91 of Buford, GA, formerly from Cleveland

Mrs. Ruby Lee Nix age 97 of Cleveland

Mrs. Cora Wade age 94 of Cleveland

Harry Andrew Sharpnack Sr., age 66 of Oakwood

Eloise Ruby Ledford, age 83 of Cleveland

Mr. Gene Tomanek, age 73 of Cleveland.

Mr. Robert E. Lee Roper, age 97 of Cleveland

Willis “Bill” Franklin Cook, age 87 of Stone Mountain

 Mrs. Brenda Jane Clark, age 75 of Sautee Nacoochee.

Ms. Grae Pruitt , age 75 of Cleveland.

Mr. Tommy V. Garrison, age 60, of Cleveland

Anna Gertrude Keating, age 93 of Cleveland

Mrs. Mae Willene Adams , age  87 of Cleveland

Jeffrey Milfred McGhee  age 57 of Cleveland

Wilma Jean Adams Munn, age 71 of Helen

Mr. Charles Ray Loggins, age 74 of Cleveland

Robert Harkins, age 72 of Suches

Guy Larry Palmer, age 94 of Cleveland,

Glenn W. Spooner, age 68 of Gainesville

Mr. William Major (Pop) Payne, age 91 of Cleveland

Michael Duane Daniels, age 54 of Dahlonega

Mrs. Margaret Scull, age 94 of Sautee

Joice E. Westmoreland, age 74 of Cleveland

Mrs. Anna Bell Dills Brown of Leesburg, Florida formerly of Hiawassee

Ms. Donna Bosma age 63 of Cleveland.

Mr. Andrew Jackson Turpin, Jr. age  87 of Cleveland, Georgia

Mrs. Beulah Grace Garrett Penland, age 83 of Murrayville

 Bill Smith, age 63 of Sautee Nacoochee

Mrs Henrietta Tatum Freeman, age 94 of Cleveland

Juanita McGinnis, age 85 of Summerville, GA formerly of Cleveland, GA

Mrs. Madgie Illene Donaldson, age 70  of Cleveland

Judith “Judy” Gooch Rochelle, age 64, of Rockaway Beach NY, formally of Cleveland

Mr. Clay V. Stewart age 90 of Cleveland.

Freddie Sue Hicks Carder Kanady, age 80 of Cleveland.

Geneva Shook Berrong, age 84 of Hayesville, NC

Mrs. Helen Mclendon Winkler, age 70  of Cleveland.

Ricky Blackburn, age 55 of Cleveland

Mrs. Patricia Gail Alexander Brown, age 65 of Toccoa, formerly of Cleveland

Mrs. Dorothy  “Dot” June Henderson, age 81 of Alpharetta, formerly of Cleveland

Mr. Thomas Newton Lumsden, Jr., 59, of Nacoochee.

Mr. Dustin Lee Barnes, age 23 of Cleveland.

Rev. Henry H. Powell, age 90 of Cleveland

William Herbert Ramey, age 92, of White County

Betty Lou Andrew, age 86, of Cleveland

Mrs. Bobbie Lee Miller age 81 of Cleveland

Mark Edward Green, age 64 of Cleveland

Robert Paul Parsons, age 80 of Simpsonville, South Carolina, formerly of Cleveland

William Dean Derline, Sr., age 72 of Cleveland

James “Red” Eidson, age 84 of Cleveland

Tommy Vaughan, age 73 of Gainesville

Thomas (Tommy) Geoffrey Payne age 58 of Helen

Mrs. Lizzie Mae Osborn, age 77 of Cleveland

Mrs. Annie Lee Adams, age 99 of Cleveland

Dennis Alexander York, age 89 of Clermont

Mrs. Thelma Loggins Elliott age 91 of Alto

Ms. Jerldine  Boggs Wilson, age 78 of Cleveland

Mrs. Barbara Allen Clark Brogdon, age 64 of  Cleveland

Mrs. Bonnie Christine Bates Webb, age 76 of Cleveland

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