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[vc_text_titles title=”Main Post Views – Layouts” title_type=”h2″ page_title_type=”v1″ title_align=”left”]

This are examples of Main posts Layouts. You can fill them with Latest posts or choose them by your custom ordering. On the post there is a name of the category in which the post is in. But you can write any text, no need that there is a category name displayed. You can add some extra text, for example like “New”. There is also an icon that displays the type of the post. Additionally you can also display the rate/review number.

This sections of Main posts can be added anywhere on the page, at the top, bottom or anywhere in the middle.

[vc_post_section post_section_type=”type1″ postfill=”latest”]
[vc_post_section post_section_type=”type2″ postfill=”latest”]
[vc_post_section post_section_type=”type3″ postfill=”latest”]
[vc_post_section post_section_type=”type4″ postfill=”latest”]
[vc_post_section post_section_type=”type5″ postfill=”latest”]