Loganberry Heritage Farm

Loganberry Heritage Farm is a must see farm to see how to grow things nature’s way.

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Loganberry Heritage Farm is a premier farm in White County Georgia where one as they say can “Experience the natural grow.”

Acting in accordance with nature’s laws and otherworldly principals, Sharon Turner Mauney (otherwise known as Organic Rose) and individual Stewards opened ground in February 2008. Taking a Holistic Approach to the administration and creation of excellent sustenance and regular excellence, this group has gradually been building a framework that takes a gander at the “Entire”—, nature’s turf, biological systems, characteristic assets, social obligations,  monetary reasonability, personal satisfaction, individual qualities and practicality for future eras a working single life form. Mixing these distinctive parts of the Whole together, our vision is to make a place that supports itself, both in the short and long haul, by creating supplement thick sustenance, stylish environment, and giving personal satisfaction to us and the more prominent group.

Loganberry Heritage Farm is more than simply a “feasible” Farm that utilizes essential natural developing principles. They have drenched ourselves in the examination of the world’s best systems for solid sustenance creation that recuperates the area, assembles soil and ensures future assets. They utilize a mixed bag of those strategies on the Farm, for example, Biological Ionization, No Till Straw Gardening,  Mob Stocking, Raised Bed Systems, Various Composting Methods, Earthworm Production, Permaculture Design, Cover Cropping, Ley Systems, Rotations of Both Plants and Animals, Hedgerows, Reforestation of Native Plant and Trees, Product Diversity, Riparian Naturalization, Soil Remineralization, simply to name some. They have additionally considered the techniques for Newman Turner, Sir Albert Howard, Masanobu Fukuoka, Charles Walters and other people who have prepared for us to turn into the Stewards of the Land the way they should.

They spare seeds, principally ones from our Southern Appalachian territory that have been passed on for eras. They take the stand that sparing seeds from these open-pollinated legacy plant assortments is vital for the future, accepting that all people on the Earth ought to have entry to seeds that have not been adjusted in a lab with a specific end goal to turn into the “property” of  tremendous corporate combinations. They don’t help Genetically Modified Seeds (or sustenance from them) in light of the fact that it is unfriendly to laws of nature, and in addition to the prosperity of all humanity.

They offer our natrual produce at our Farm Market, which is open from late spring till fall offering a mixed bag of occasional vegetables, with an attention on Appalachian Heritage Foods, crisp and dried Herbs, and new blooms. Most Market Days will discover us cooking and examining our harvest and offering formulas for brisk and simple arrangement.

They welcome you to come encounter our ranch, go out for a stroll, sit among the Flowers or Herbs and delight in an inspecting of crisp sound sustenance, developed the way nourishment ought to be developed. Experience the The  natural grow.




To tell you more about what to expect, here are the links for more information about LoganBerry Heritage Farm including Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook. You can also comment below about your experiences here at LoganBerry Heritage Farm as well.

Loganberry Heritage Farm

2660 Adair Mill Road

Cleveland, GA 30528


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