Holiday cheer is here!!

Holiday Cheer is here but watch what you eat.

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Holiday cheer is here!!! As you prepare for the season by shopping, decorating, partying, eating, eating, and more EATING, it’s a big challenge to remain on a healthy diet free of processed foods and too much sugar. The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year brings such a variety of activities. Time with family, friends and co-workers usually includes eating meals or snacks. Facing reality the first week in January will include guilt and weight gain for many. How can that be avoided without missing out on the holiday spirit?

Healthy-HolidayThe answer to that question is to have a plan and stick to it. Eating protein, vegetables and healthy fats is important no matter the time of year, but sticking to that routine is extra important during the hectic holiday season. Here are a few guidelines to help you stay on track in the coming weeks:

*Eat a balanced breakfast consisting of a protein (egg, almond butter, or plain Greek yogurt), veggies (most days) and fat. (bacon, sausage or avocado) That meal will jumpstart your day and fuel you until lunch. If the temptation of cookies, cakes, holiday treats faces you in the workplace, your ammunition will be a full tumHow-to-Eat-Healthfully-During-the-Holidaysmy from a healthy breakfast.

*Eat a healthy lunch that will hold you over till dinner. Same as mid-morning temptations, mid-afternoon snacks will not be as tempting if you had a filling lunch. A protein, some veggies and a healthy fat will keep you from overindulging in the afternoon. A salad with some chicken or tuna added, or even leftovers from the night before will keep it healthy.

*Sip on flavored hot tea or tea with lemon when you get a sudden urge to do something you know you will regret. Peppermint tea is very soothing and keeps with the holiday flavors. Sweet & Spicy by Good Earth packs a spicy punch and will make you think you’re having something you shouldn’t. YUM-MO!! Even warm water with lemon has a soothing effect as well as a variety of health benefits. Fitting that in during the holidays would be great,!

*Plan simple dinners with a healthy protein and lots of veggies, or healthy homemade soups or chili during the week when you know your weekends will be dinners out or holiday parties.

*MOVE!!!!! Being active will help you deal with the craziness. Just go for a walk, breath deeply and soak up the Christmas spirit.

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Kim Sosebee

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