Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals

Enjoy the peaceful calmness of our private wooden cabins in beautiful Helen, GA, the ideal spot for family
vacations, getaways, anniversaries and other special occasions.

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Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals provides it rentals with:


Relax in our beautiful luxury private cabins in a natural mountain setting with lots of breathtaking views, hardwoods, and best of all, peace and quiet.

This is an ideal location to bring your significant other, family or a group to Helen, Georgia and leave the hustle and bustle of your everyday life behind you.


Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals in Helen come with fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, cable TV and wireless internet, hot tubs, pool tables and more.

You can of course ignore all the modern technology and just kick back in the Jacuzzi and enjoy the views.


Their Mantra is for guests to walk into a gorgeous and clean environment that immediately triggers a feeling of comfort.

As a result, a large majority of Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals current guests are either referred or repeat visits. Their goal is to provide the best possible experience at any of these luxurious mountain cabins that will keep you coming back for more fun in Helen Georgia.

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals


 703 Zeppelin Strasse,
Helen, GA 30545

To tell you more about what to expect, here are the links for more information about Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals including Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook. You can also comment below about your experiences here at Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals as well.

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The review

Heather Corrigan from Google reviews April 2014 Cedar Creek Cabins are amazing. These are really luxury houses with all the amenities rather than just "cabins." I really enjoyed my stay and the cabins had everything I could ever want and were very luxurious and let me enjoy nature while ...More
Quiet 100%
Relaxing 97%
Peaceful 96%
Luxurious 94%
Fun 93%


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